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Online Spam Portal

Silver Lining recently launched a new email filtering service to ensure all spam and malware is captured in one secure location. We update the service frequently with new capabilities. We now have the ability to create custom spam and malware filter policies and apply them to specific domains, groups, or users. 

We provide two primary options for handling spam detected by our content filters. Customers can have spam sent to the Junk Email folder in Outlook or they can direct it into our online spam quarantine.

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If you are a customer access our Online Spam Portal today! If you have not yet been configured on our Online Spam Portal, please contact info@silver-lining.com or call 0345 313 11 11.

Spam Notifications 

Email filtering gateways do a great job of filtering out obvious spam, but a small percentage (about 3%) of email comes through that is likely to be spam. Users don’t want these messages in their inboxes, but they often like to review them to make sure no good messages (false positives) are mixed in with the bad.

Sending spam to the Junk Email folder is the typical choice for customers who run Outlook and Exchange Server, because it’s the simplest approach for users to understand. However, some customers have non-Exchange email systems that don’t support the Junk Email folder approach, or they just prefer the online spam quarantine.

Our online portal gives individual users self-service management of spam-quarantined messages. You can now receive regular notification emails with a summary of your spam messages being held in quarantine.



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