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One of the areas overlooked when selecting a supplier or service is billing. Customers often tell us they spend huge amounts of time reconciling, checking and processing bills from suppliers, typically with poor un-useful supportive information.

With our own billing platform in place we are well placed to support our customers not just in a technical capacity but also a billing one. Creating reports and billing that supports your customers ensures more time is freed up for you. For example, the ability to produce a bill for phone calls that highlights an increase variance of more than 5% is a very useful tool for processing to payment when anything below that is acceptable.

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Access our Online Billing Platform today! If you have not yet been configured on our Online Billing Platform, please contact info@everycloud.eu or call 0845 313 11 11.



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70% of businesses say their biggest cause of downtime is moving data between different physical and virtual environments. 

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