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Hospitality Smart TV's

Entertainment is one of the pillars of the hospitality guest experience. Over the past two decades hotels have moved from being at the forefront of entertainment and guest accessible technology provisions. Long gone are the days when hotels are recognised for providing a better entertainment and technological experience than the majority of their customers had at home.

Hotels have recognised the need to provide their guests with the kind of connected TV experience they are becoming used to at home. Through Smart TV functionality, guests are able to enjoy the experience in the hotel as they can at home to browse the web, chat with friends, update their Facebook, and use apps right on the screen.

Alternatively we find that many hotels are optining for a more cost effective entertainent solution by offering customers a half way house experience that includes freeview or Netflicks. We understand that every hospitality establishment is different and in somecases it is unrealistic to assume that a budget hotel or restaurant can afford a 4D Smart TV in every room.

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Why the hospitality industry need smart tv's

The major brands have seen strong demand for their Smart TVs in the consumer market and this is expected to continue, with 82 million connected TV’s in homes worldwide, forecast to grow to 892m by 2016 (source: Informa). This highlights how people increasingly look to the TV to access web applications and content.

The hospitality environment however is more complex than the home environment, with sufficient bandwidth to support multiple users a significant consideration for hotels, as well as appropriate management of the network required to support them. This is where Silver Lining, a managed service provider, with their experience supporting the hospitality industry and expertise in networks and digital IP technology are well placed to successfully bring this new technology into the hotel environment.


Customer Satisfaction

Ensure that your customers are satisfied with their in-room entertainment.



Browse the web, chat with friends, update their Facebook, and use apps right on the screen.



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Different Options Available

Solutions to suit your individual requirements. Whether you are a small independent or a large chain. 

We had an impromptu test of our resilience when someone unplugged the primary router. It then switched over to the secondary solution and our service was seamless and not a single user realised!

Angus Brook, JTC Group

new-wifi-accreditationWi-Fi accreditation scheme open to hospitality businesses

The voluntary scheme was designed to protect children from harmful content

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