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Hospitality Security

Security is not an option but a necessity to protect your brand and your customers; and to ensure regulatory compliance. We understand security and will protect your critical systems, your data, your organisation and your customers.

Security often focuses on individual aspects, such as CCTV, Card payment protection and data loss prevention. We work with the hospitality industry to ensure complete security. 

Our security solutions provide and integrate security within all areas of your business. We can help you assess, manage and reduce potential risks or remove the risk completely, whilst ensuring you stay compliant with the latest legislation.

Card Payment Security

We work with clients and partners who share the challenge of ensuring card payment transactions are processed in a compliant way. We understand that when it comes to looking after your customers, data security is at the forefront of your priorities.

Our solution ensures PCI compliance for your voice transactions and protects your business from fraud; we ensure no card information is ever seen or heard by the call recipient. This is achieved without interruption to the phone conversation and without any need to pause, suppress or manipulate voice recordings.





Business CCTV Security Cameras

One area we have seen massive demand and growth is through our CCTV portfolio.

When it comes to security and monitoring, CCTV has proven itself to be a reliable form that can monitor and manage core infrastructure areas such as server rooms, compounds, remote locations and more.

We successfully deploy a wide range of solutions; from a single camera solution to a full suite of technology that monitors everything in your business, controlled by you.



Business Security Systems

Protect your network by safe guarding data against malware and phreaking.


Prevent Risks

Assess, manage and reduce potential risks or remove the risk completely.


Business Continuity

Ensure smooth business operations. Be prepared for the unexpected.



Integrated Solutions

We align internal security policies to work effectively with your key objectives.


We had an impromptu test of our resilience when someone unplugged the primary router. It then switched over to the secondary solution and our service was seamless and not a single user realised!

Angus Brook, JTC Group

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