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Case Study: Orega 



Orega NEW 2Orega service approximately 5000 users in 15 locations. Every site is a multiple tenanted environment. When business centre specialist Orega wanted to update its existing IT and telecommunications it decided to switch users and turn to us for a resilient, reliable, tailored platform.

When Orega made plans to expand its business it decided to re-evaluate every access of its service and identify which areas could be improved for its business centre occupiers.  The challenge was to provide an enterprise grade technology solution including wide area networking, local network, security, enterprise wireless and telephony with contact centre functionality for corporates in a tenanted serviced environment. Many serviced office providers see technology and communications as a burden and provide the absolute minimum. Orega are different, they want to provide a technology service that is suitable for corporate, bluechip and household name organisations looking to occupy their office space.

Delivering this kind of solution in a tenanted environment has its challenges, considerations such as ease of provisioning, high bandwidth availability, security and resilience are absolutely crucial when servicing a demand for high availability.

We demonstrated that we possessed the requisite knowledge and expertise to manage Orega’s telephony systems and could provide a high standard of service seamlessly across the Orega estate through one point of contact. Paul Finch explains: “When we decided to refresh our communications platform, it was of paramount importance that we needed a partner that could provide a cutting edge solution and implement it on time without any disruption to our clients’ business.”




Orega - WAN IconWAN ­ We designed a multi-site resilient MPLS network. The network performs a dual function of providing a resilient internet connection and on net cloud based services such as hosted IT solutions, telephony resilience and DR and on net rack space and hosting. The Network is delivered by a primary 21cn fibre leased line and secondary 20Mb copper leased line offering maximum diversity of delivery. Each line terminates on                                 its own Cisco router, which are also mirrored for resilience.

Orega - LAN IconLAN ­ We carefully designed the architecture from the edge in, from a pair of high availability firewalls connected to a HP core switch with dual modules for resilience. One challenge to overcome was management of wireless in a multi tenanted environment. Often serviced offices allow companies to install their own wireless access points and the environment quickly reaches channel saturation. This results in                                       wireless network not working very well if at all. We overcame this by designing and installing an HP MSM                                       aggregated wireless solution that is capable of tenanting. Each tenant can have their own SSID anywhere in                                   the estate with exceptional coverage, yet still have the segregation they need to meet high security demands.

Orega - Telephony IconTelephony - Delivered with functionality and high availability in mind. A central controller in the cloud provides all the sites with a centralised fully managed Splicecom telephony package. For resilience each site has a Splicecom local survivable gateway connected to ISDN30, allowing for business continuity in almost all scenarios. The main challenge in a tenanted environment is servicing the different needs of different                                             organisations. We achieved this by implementing a Splicecom core telephony platform with the Vision                                           applications suite. This allows diverse functionality to be provisioned on a user by user basis thus not                                             imposing restrictions on users of the tenanted system. One tenant may want a phone and voicemail, another                               tenant may want mobility, call recording, contact centre management etc. We can provision each tenant with                               a bespoke telephony solution that is tailored for their business needs.


With refreshed technology in all Orega sites, occupants can take advantage of an integrated phone system, high speed internet and WAN. Reliability and availability of the whole solution have been dramatically improved and with successful ‘future-proofing’ of the network, Orega now has the clear path they need, without the need for an additional network upgrade. Orega’s whole process has been simplified and can now be done internally without relying on a third party. 

Paul Finch explains: “The combination of Silver Lining’s services means that we have a solution in place that clearly enables us to meet our needs, both today and for the foreseeable future. It was the whole host of solutions brought together that impressed us. We can now offer a reliable, resilient business space that can accommodate our customers’ individual requirements.”

When we decided to refresh our communications platform, it was of paramount importance that we needed a partner that could provide a cutting edge solution and implement it on time without any disruption to our clients’ business.

Paul Finch, Managing Director

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